PREP 2.0
part two

Getting Serious

Now you want to design and develop your product.

You need to communicate it visually and verbally so it gets made right, decide what material(s) it's going to be made of, it's shape, color, look, feel, etc., and what kind of package it's going to sell in. Do you need tooling? What manufacturing processes will be used, and what manufacturer? What kind of financing will it take?

How long will it take before it's actually ready for the store shelf?


Design Considerations

Not all products will meet the following criteria, but we of Designfluence consider them throughout the design and development process:

  • Sustainable practices.
  • Renewable energies.
  • Recycle, reuse, repurpose, renew...
  • Social accountability (implies consequences).

Rapid Visualization / Drawing

  • An artist's rendering/conception was done...
    • Professionally,
    • Passably.
  • Presentation art is available.
  • Engineering drawings are available.
  • I need the help of a Rapid Visualizer.

Models & Prototypes

  • I need help in making my model.
  • I need a professional modelmaker to do it for me.
  • A working model exists (and works!).
  • A rough prototype exists.
  • A final manufacturing prototype exists.
  • I have several prototypes:

Rapid Prototyping

  • The prototype was produced using the following rapid-prototyping process:
  • How can I find out more about Rapid Prototyping?


  • It must be made of (why?):
  • It can be made of:
  • It can be made of almost anything.
  • I have no idea of what material(s) to use.
  • I would be glad to pay a materials consultant to help me.
  • I'd buy a book about the subject if it was available.

Tooling / Rapid Tooling

  • What's tooling?
  • What's a mold?
  • No tooling is necessary because:
  • Tooling is low-cost and no problem for this product because:
  • The tooling cost will be:
    • Estimated
    • Firm quote
  • Tooling/mold is complete and available.
    • Single cavity mold
    • Multiple cavity
  • I need to do a short run.
  • A short run of ( ) has been completed.

Production / Rapid Manufacturing

  • The cost per unit will be:
    • Estimated
    • Firm quote
  • Above cost includes the packaging (give cost breakdown if known):
  • Above cost based on a minimum run of:
  • Higher-quantity runs of ( ) will reduce the price to:
  • Other quantity price breaks are outlined here:
  • Cost includes shipping and customs duty.
  • I have NO idea who might manufacture my product.
  • I'd pay for a manufacturing consultant.
  • Have manufacturing leads:
  • My manufacturer is (contact information):
    • Lead time required by the manufacturer:
    • Assembly needed.
    • Sub-assembly needed.
    • Payment terms:
    • Joint venture with the manufacturer (give details):
    • Special approval needed (by who?):
    • Special license needed (specify):
  • What is Rapid Manufacturing?


  • Not necessary because...
    • the product includes the package,
    • the package is the product,
    • it's part of another product,
    • it's distributed as is.
  • Packaging will be done by the manufacturer.
  • The cost per package will be:
    • estimated
    • firm quote
  • Have sketches/ideas/thumbnails/scribbles for a package design.
  • Artwork roughs are done:
    • black and white
    • 2-color
    • full color
  • Final packaging done by:
    • amateur
    • professional artist
    • professional package designer
  • Package type:
    • card
    • blister pack
    • shrink wrap
    • box
    • other:
  • Have a logotype that will be on the package for our...
    • product
    • company
  • I'd pay for a consultant/designer who knows packaging.

This concludes part two. If you think we've overlooked something, let us know with "PREP part two" in the subject line; thanks.

You've done a lot of work! You've discovered a lot about your product -- things you didn't know you needed to know! And you have tangible, working prototypes or at least a short run of your product. In fact, it may be in the package and ready to sell...

So, where is the long line of buyers?

Proceed to Deliver the Goods.

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