P.R.E.P. (2.0)

The Product Review & Evaluation Plan (PREP) is being upgraded for interactive web access.

PREP 2.0 is a free service provided by Designfluence. It is a linked list of questions that take the Product Developer from the point of conception through creating a business around your product. There are three sections:


  • Reality Check:
      • The Decision
      • Identification
      • Origin
      • Market Identifiers
      • Additional Research
      • Advantages
      • Protection / IP
      • "My" Opinion vs. Market Test
  • Getting Serious
      • Design Considerations
      • Rapid Visualization / Drawing
      • Model & Prototypes
      • Rapid Prototyping
      • Materials
      • Tooling / Rapid Tooling
      • Production / Rapid Manufacturing
      • Packaging
  • Deliver the Goods
      • Distribution
      • Rapid Delivery
      • Funding
      • Building Your Business
      • Follow-on Management
      • Growth / Improvements
      • Additional Products / Lines
      • Expansion / Cross Markets
      • Services


The purpose of the PREP is to record facts about your product or service, separate what's real from what's unknown, evaluate what you've done (What have I done!?), and what remains to be done -- as an educational process. This then becomes the plan for DOING it.

For all intents and purposes, a service is also a "product" -- its success is largely dependent on the same factors. Services do, however, have a few special considerations, addressed at the end of this review and plan.

In this iteration, PREP 2.0 is a series of prompts to get your thinking straightened out. You will find links along the way, and our goal is to have everything linked to additional info/resources. If you like, make up a three-ring binder, print these pages and use it for your plan. If there's enough interest, we may create PDF files that are more usable.

Careful consideration of the following will enable you to gain a better understanding of your product, write the best possible plan, and allow all those you involve in your project to do a better job for you. This plan will combine a bit of history on your product and will tell how you arrived and where to go from here.

Don't rush through this. If you need help, get it from your team, and be as thorough as you possibly can be in filling it out. If you don't know, make up a separate notebook called "Things To Find Out As Soon As Possible", and carry it with you everywhere.

Proceed to Reality Check.

. . .

PREP 3.0 will be an open-source interactive software product. We welcome any software geniuses to participate in this project. Compensation will come from future sales.

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