David Alan Foster --

Founder/CEO. David is an interdisciplinary designer, early adopter and parallel entrepreneur. His work spans many design disciplines, from graphics to packaging to industrial design and all manner of talents in-between. David has been in pioneer positions and frontier markets since 1985: digital typography as a designer; real-time 3D computer graphics as a publications manager; digital graphic arts as production designer; digital film service bureau as the manager; the first international inventors magazine (Invent!) as founder, publisher and editor-in-chief; the first national inventors trade show as manager of publications and speakers; the first nonprofit to develop connected schools as communications director, then president; and the Internet as web designer and html coder.

In 2004 David founded Designfluence, a non-profit, social-benefit corporation connecting designers and resources for products that benefit people known as the "other 90%." He sits on the board of Earth Treasury, a nonprofit organization founded to guide children in creating sustainable businesses using the OLPC's XO laptop computer as facilitating communications hardware. David also advises oneVillage Foundation, dedicated to bringing ICT gear and infrastructure to developing communities, and is a member of the executive team for Sustainovation, helping business achieve sustainability through innovation.

David is an activist for disruptive technologies, open source industrial design, "design for the Other 90%," cradle-to-cradle design thinking, global localization, and the "integrated bottom line" (from Natural Capital Solutions).

In 2007 he founded Design Earth with Mark Roest, a design consultancy for sustainable products, systems and economies.

Ryan Reed --

Intern. Ryan is an Industrial Designer, who is currently finishing his Masters Thesis project which is a portable homeless shelter.  His interest in socially conscious design stems from charity work throughout his life, and an awareness of the needs of the less fortunate around the world.  He has previously been involved with the Learning Bank of COIL in Baltimore teaching illiterate adults how to read, and with Project Homeless Connect in San Francisco.  Ryan’s focus with Designfluence is to build out their network of organizations with similar interests, and to help raise funds to support their various design projects.

Prior to his work with Designfluence, Ryan earned his BS in Industrial Design and a Business Minor from Virginia Tech.  Following his undergraduate education, he worked 4 years as a full-time Web Designer, and continues to work part-time in this field during his studies.

Gerry Gaydos --
Gerry is Acting Corporate Secretary and is on our Advisory Board.
Sue Staley --
Sue is Corporate Treasurer.

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Designfluence™ is a nonprofit California Corporation for the Public Benefit. We are in the proceass of applying for tax-exempt status through the IRS.

"Designfluence" is a trademark of Designfluence™, a California Public Benefit Corporation.